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Unresolved Problems Study Guide
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Unresolved Problems Study Guide
Mr. Haskell World History

-The Celtics settled in Ireland around 400 BC, they were constantly invaded by the Vikings from 1016 BC to 800 AD
-In 1066 AD - French "Norman" invaders controlled the Celtics
-1172- King Henry the 2nd of England declared himself Lord of Ireland
-In 1534 King Henry the 8th of England broke from the Catholic Church and also declared himself king of Ireland
-Most Irish remained devoutly Catholic but descendants of King Henry the 8th tried to force the Irish to give up Catholicism. After many battles, the English won and then gave away large parcels of Irish land to English Protestant settlers
-There was a split between religion and economics. The protestant minority controlled the wealth, while the Irish fell into poverty.
-In 1921 England divided Ireland into 2 parts. The North remained English, but the South became “a free state." Although, England took the best fertile land for itself.
Current political state (i.e., N. part of UK)

Extremism (i.e., IRA)
-IRA = Irish Republican Army
Reunification (who wants it? who doesn't? means what?)
-The Catholics want reunification and the Protestants don't
III. Pacific Rim/ Trade
History (i.e., Kennedy 1961)
-Gave aid to the Japanese
-Japan out produced US because of that aid

Trade balance (in favor of who?)
-1965 > Trade shifts in Japan’s Favor
IV. National Debt
National debt vs. deficit
-Debt- Principle

-Deficit Interest

Magnitude of national debt (possible analogies)
Effect on future
Tax Rate 2005 is 45% tax  will continue to grow
Basic facts from hand-out
-disables immune system
Treatment & research
-there are treatments but no cures
-used to be majority of gay people who got HIV/AIDS
-now progressed to African American women being the people who are at the most risk
Causes & prevention
-test your sexual partner
-be careful of who you have relationships with
- practice safe sex

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