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Journal Nov 17
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Glorious Revolution, Declaration of Independence, and the Rights of Man and Citizen Journal

The Glorious Revolution controlled the power that the monarchy of England had. This revolution also helped the parliamentary democracy and caused the English Bill of Rights to be written up. The Declaration of Independence was a document written to declare the separation of the American colonies from Great Britain. In this document they list all of the offences that the king and the government of Great Britain had caused for the American colonists. The Declaration of the Rights of Man was a document written by the French that called for a government reform. They wanted the government to do nothing but protect the people of France and to protect the rights of the French people. The thing that all of theses documents have in common is that they all call for separation or change from the current government. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Rights of Man and Citizen called for rights for the people, they both wanted the documents to end is rights and freedom.
The Glorious Revolution of England is regarded as one of the most peaceful and calm revolutions in history, unlike the Declaration of Independence which resulted in war. When the American colonists called for separation from England the results were disastrous, but in the end the American colonists won their freedom from England. The Rights of Man and Citizen, like the Glorious Revolution, did not start or provoke a war. The Declaration of Independence was the only document calling for complete separation from the government and was the only document that resulted in war.
The one thing that all of the documents had in common were that they all wanted rights for the people. They wanted the government to treat them fairly. Another thing that all of the government had in common is that all of them were influenced by each other. The Glorious Revolution in England influenced the American colonists and the American colonists influenced the French to write the Rights or Man and Citizen. The people all wanted freedom and rights, and all of them stood up to their governments for what they believed was right, all the documents were influenced by the one that came before them and all of these documents have effected those countries, along with many other countries, to this day.

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