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Britany Gable
This is a very useful website when studying the Renaissance, because it talks about the Italian Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. It gives information on the childhood and early years of Michelangelo’s life and gives detailed descriptions. The website also covers the sculptures, paintings, and projects that were done by Michelangelo. It mentions the "Bacchus" and the "Pieta" which are two of Michelangelo’s better known pieces. Along with the David, which a famous sculpture that most everyone is familiar with. Michelangelo’s artwork and sculptures represents what is usually thought of as Renaissance artwork. The website also mentions that Michelangelo was a well known and talented poetic, which was a piece of information that I did not know. There was a section to the website that talked all about the Sistine Chapel. It informs you that Michelangelo’s opposition to painting the ceiling because he claimed that he was not a painter, he was a sculptor and was not skilled enough for the kind of work that the project would require of him. However, as strongly as he was against painting the chapel’s ceiling he did end up doing the long term project and it is one of his most admired and recognized art work.
Michelangelo 11/2/05
Michelangelo is a very interesting person with interesting stories about his life and his career. The website give many interesting and factual details about the life of Michelangelo from his birth to his death and everything that lies in between. A fact that was on the website that I found to be interesting was that his father was very unsupportive of Michelangelo becoming an artist sculpture, he was very much against it, supposedly he wanted Michelangelo to be comes a successful banker of some sort. He was so against it he sent his son to live with the Medicini family who were very educated men and profound bankers of that time period. Another interesting fact was that Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo were rivals in the art world. I knew that they were both famous Renaissance painters and both of them extremely talented but I never knew that the two men were rivals. I think that it is very odd that painters would rival against each other, they were both talented but in their own separate ways and for separate things, I just simply find it a tad bit hard to imagine.
Michelangelo 11/2/05

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