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Webliography: Roman Empire, Greece, Democracy
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Britany Gable
28 September 2005

The website explains information on Greece and the Greek influences in a large variety of cultures in an easy way. The website discusses Greek influences that appear through out the world today. The impact from Greece goes from the architecture of buildings, to the Greek influence of using the first alphabet with vowels in it, and of course the world famous and Olympics which originated in Greece, theatre which is still enjoyed today along with the famous types of theater: tragedy and comedy. Other than the lists I have given already it tell you about the origin of democracy being in Greece, democracy may be one of the most important influences Greek had. The website also talks about the geography and location of Greece, in addition to the climate and weather in Greece. This website is important and relevant to what we have been learning in our history class because we have been discussing Greece and the influence Greece and the Greek traditions and people have had. The website is very helpful and easy to follow and a good resource to learn about Greek influences and the impact that Greek had on the world we live in today.
Ancient Greece 9/26/05

The website below talks on the subject of democracy and explains its fundamental principles of democracy. The website also gives an explanation the way it works. It tells and gives details and tells you about brief about the past of democracy. The website tells you where democracy first started off and the way democracy worked when it first started off in the city-state, Athens. It talks about the problems with democracy when it was first put into practice as a way to govern a place like Athens. It also discusses the spread of democracy. Then it briefly explains that democracy was later wiped out by the Roman Empire. Democracy is explored from the origins in Athens to the spreading of it, to the times when it had been wiped out by the powerful Roman Empire to the fact that it remained in some places even after the Romans came, and thanks to those places democracy is practiced today. This is relevant to what we are learning in our world history class because it talks about and discuss the beginning of democracy in Athens and the basic principles and pieces of information about democracy. The website is helpful and gives the important and necessary information about democracy.
Democracy 9/27/05

The website that I found on the ancient Roman Empire proved to be an incredibly useful and resourceful site. It talks about how Caesar’s assassination and how the death of Caesar brought an anarchy, which brought out Octavian (Caesar’s nephew) and then later would bring Augustus. It discussed how Augustus organized a simple government and the army, he also rebuilt Rome. The website goes into great detail about the good deeds Augustus did for the Roman Empire and how his rule started the Pax Romana. It goes into Augustus’ improvements of the empire. It also goes into how the great and powerful, and at this time peaceful, Roman Empire declined. This website is of great importance to the information we are studying in class. It goes into great and simple detail about the Pax Romana and the works that Augustus did for the Roman Empire. This site goes into further detail about the Pax Romana and about the impact that the great leader, Augustus, had for the Roman Empire. By his rule the Roman empire enjoyed 200 years of peace during the Pax Romana. This site was perhaps the most helpful site that I found about the Roman Empire.
The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia The Roman Empire 9/28/05

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