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Journal 4
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Journal 4

In Dreamland, a book by Sarah Dessen, Caitlin undergoes an experience which brings her closer to her best friend and mom. Rina and Caitlin grew up together, were in high school together, and best friends for as long as Caitlin can remember, but when Caitlin's boyfriend, Rogerson, came into the picture everything changed. She thought Rogerson was perfect and charming, but the relationship quickly turned into an abusive one. As the abuse continued she alienated herself from everyone, but Rina and her mom would not let her go. Thier dedication to Caitlin showed the love they had for her. Sadly, this traumatic experience gradually crushed Caitlin's spirit, but with the help and love with her best friend and mom, she recovered from the incident and became a better person after experiencing it.

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