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Journal 3- All Quiet on the Western Front
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Life as a soldier is anything but simple, life in the trenches wasn’t any more pleasant. Many men that were killed in the trenches were simply buried where they laid, or they were put into an empty dugout. Large numbers of dead, decomposing corpses could be found barely below trench surfaces. The trenches were littered with rotting corpses of young soldiers and scraps of food; this attracted rapidly-producing rats. These rats grew extremely large and literally fed on bodies, a sight that would scar any man. This fact is one of the conditions these young soldiers dealt with in the trenches.

In the trenches life was difficult and food was scarce. At first, the main part of their meal was “bully beef” which is caned corned beef, bread, and biscuits. However, as time went on flour became short in supply and bread was made with dried ground turnips. As bread became more difficult to produce, pea-soup with very few lumps of horsemeat was made as a replacement. However, as time progressed the chefs became desperate to make more food for the hungry soldiers are relied on vegetables until finally settling to use weeds such as nettles in their soups.

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