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Apply: Write a sentence describing someone with disgusting eating habits. It must be one, correct sentence; and it must contain at least three vivid details.

When my brother eats, his mouth is open and I can see the chewed wads of food rolling around, I can hear the smacking of the food in his mouth, and he uses his sleeve to wipe his mouth.

Apply: Describe someone jumping over a puddle. Your first sentence should be general, stating the action simply. Your second sentence should clarify and intensify the action through detail. Share your sentence with a partner.

The girl approached a large puddle, and hesitated before taking a long jump over it’s deep, liquid surface. To perform this task, she had to take a few steps back and give herself a head start, she bent her knees and swung her arms for momentum, and then she let her knees press off from the ground like springs and she flew over the large puddle and landed safely on the other side.

Apply: Think of someone famous and powerful. Use detail to create an unflattering but accurate description of the physical appearance of this famous person. Model your description on Miller’s description of J.P. Morgan. Share your description with a partner.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, has a body that looks inflatable and ready to pop, while his head looks tiny on his broad shoulders.

Apply: Think of someone you know who has two strong sides to his/her personality. Using Churchill’s sentence as a model, write a sentence which captures – through detail – these two sides. Share your sentence with a partner.

To some people he is a boring, old man who does nothing but stares off, reads, and sleeps in his favorite chair, but to me he has life and love behind his light eyes, he has a smile and a laugh that brightens up the stormiest day, and he has a wit and personality only seen to those who take the time to see it.

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