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Journal 8
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How are Memories like Rivers?

Memories no matter how old or how recent affect us in some way. Memories are consistent like the steady flow of a river. They make their way through our mind with the unexpected rapids. Making us relive all the memories, including the bad memories along with the good. Each memory is different just like each river has it's own characteristics, such as some rivers are cold and others are warm, some are steady and some are rough, some are shallow and some are deep, some are inviting and others are frightening, and some rivers are clear while others are murky. There is a comparison to the types of rivers with the types of memories, the cold could be the bad like warm are the good, the steady could be the regular memory while the rough is an exciting memory, the shallow is possibly the short flashback while the deep is a long story of events, and inviting and frightening are self explanatory, lastly the murky are the ones you scarcely remember and the clear are the vivid memories you cherish. There are so many comparisons to make between rivers and memories.

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