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Journal 3
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Different Ways to Be Beautiful

Beautiful is an idea that something is appealing. Beauty is something different from every different perspective. I am not only talking about an outward beauty, because there are many different ways to be beautiful. Sure, there is the obvious superficial kind of beauty that is admired by girls when they see models posing in the latest issue of a fashion magazine, but there is more to beauty than outward appearances. People can be attractive on the inside. You can manage this by being a good person, doing what is conscientiously right, being kind to people even if they are complete strangers, and to put it simply to be happy with life. That is a kind of beauty that I put above superficial beauty, because looks are just the shell to the real person inside, looks are simply a mask hiding the person beneath it.
Now, you ask if everyone in the world can agree that one thing is beautiful. I do not know that answer, because I do not know the thoughts and opinions of everyone in the world. Even if I were to propose an idea of a universal beauty, I could not prove myself correct, but the chances that I am wrong are probable. To me beauty is at first thought of as the looks of a person, but perhaps we should think of it as the goodness in the person. That is my personal opinion of beauty, but I do not know who will agree with me or disagree; I may never know.

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