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Doughnuts and Pride Journal 2
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Journal 2

Journal 2
How Pride is Like a Doughnut…
Pride is a feeling of self-respect and personal worth. A doughnut is a deep-fried piece of dough or batter. It may take a while for someone to achieve pride; it is a sort of process, much like making a doughnut. It takes time and you have to work at something so that you can be proud of it, like a baker works to make a doughnut. Pride can be for something simple, like a plain doughnut, or it can be pride in something that is truly remarkable and spectacular, like a doughnut with frosting and rainbow-colored sprinkles. There are many sorts of pride and many things that people are proud of, just like there are a large variety of doughnuts of all shapes, sizes, colors, tastes, and fillings. Along with the satisfaction of having something to be proud of there, is also a fall in pride. Sometimes when you are too proud, and you eat that large deluxe doughnut, there is guilt involved in the scenario. You can be too proud, just like you can have too many doughnuts. Pride and doughnuts are two completely different things, but can have some interesting similarities.

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