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Literary Techniques
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29 September 2005

Literary Techniques
-Fiction comes from Latin word fingere which means: "to make up an event" and "to make by shaping"
-Characters are the individuals who take part in the action of a story
-The most important characters in a story are called the main characters
-Characters that undergo change as the plot unfolds is called a dynamic character
-Characters that stay the same throughout the story are called static characters
-The word plat refers to the chain of related events that take place in a story.
-The exposition lays the groundwork for the plot and provides the reader with essential background information
-Complications cause difficulties for the main characters and making the conflict more difficult to resolve.
-The climax is the turning point in the story
-The falling action consists of the events that occur after the climax.
-When the conflict is resolved and the intensity of the action subsides is the phase called denouement.
-The theme is an important idea or message conveyed by a work of fiction

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